Disney crown Rings (40 different models)


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Indulge in the regal elegance of our Princess Crown Rings, crafted with exquisite detail from premium 925 Sterling Silver. Fit for royalty, each ring features a stunning crown design that exudes grace, charm, and a touch of fairy tale magic.

Elevate your style with these enchanting rings, inspired by the majestic crowns of princesses from beloved fairy tales. From intricate filigree to sparkling gemstones, each element is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of royalty and refinement.

Whether you’re channeling the elegance of Cinderella, the strength of Elsa, or the grace of Belle, these rings are the perfect accessory to showcase your inner princess. Wear them alone for a subtle touch of glamour or stack them together for a truly majestic look.

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CMR002, CMR003, CMR021, CMR023, CMR041, CMR043, CMR109, CMR110, CMR111, CMR112, CMR113, CMR114, CMR115, CMR116, CMR117, CMR118, CMR119, CMR071, CMR121, CMR122, CMR120, CMR098, CMR099, CMR100, CMR101, CMR102, CMR103, CMR104, CMR105, CMR106, CMR107, CMR1129, CMR7104, CMR7110, CMR108, CMR7114, CMR7220

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7, 8, 9


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